Saidu Medical College Swat Societies

Social Welfare Society:

Social Welfare Society is a non-political organization run by the students of Saidu Medical College Swat. The main objective of SWS of SMC is to give financial support to the poor patients, arranging free medical camps in the remote areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including FATA and also to promote public awareness about serious social problems like smoking, AIDS, Drugs and Narcotics. Social Welfare Society  works on "Self Help Basis". The Society is run on donations from its well wishers and collection by the efforts of its workers.

Public Health Society:

The first meeting of Public Health Society was held on under the chairmanship of Professor Dr. Taj Muhammad Khan, Principal/Dean of SMC Swat. The Chairman briefed the members and advised to improve their services for community health. The purspose of Public Heath Society, SMC is to play a significant role in preventing health related issues like AIDS/HIV, Hepatitis, Polio, Tuberculoses, Population, Nutrition Programmes, Bird Flu etc to make Pakistan a healthier.

Literary Society: 

Literary society organizes   different literary activities like sports, debates, stage activities and trips etc. Through this forum  students experience learning  by conectivism and constructivism.  The College publishes an annual students magazine through Literary Society of SMC.
The Society is enriched with the experience of senior faculty as staff editors and section editors as well as continuously feuled  by the energies of the young students, as students editors and two deputy literary secreteries (DLS), with the apex of a literary secretay (L.S).

Sports Society:

This society  is responsible for conducting annual sports day each year. It organizes sports week for inter-class tournament each year. This club provides outlet to the heavily over burdened medical students to relax for a while and enjoy the facilities of sports. We also provide indoor sports facilities to our students round the year.

Adventure Club Society

The Aventure Club Society of Saidu Medical College Swat started in. 2016, which is  open to all open-minded students with a hunger for travelling, nature walks, hikes, exploration and exhibitions . The aim of Adventure Club Society of SMC is to Develop team work spirit among students, to Create attraction towards adventure sports Provide opportunity,  to explore nature Prepare students to accept and face challenges, to Keep students away from undesirable activities and to Promote sense of responsibility and compassion.

Photography Club Society 

This is a club for all the photographers and creative students of Saidu Medical College. This club was established  in 2019. The mission of this club is to improve the photography skills of the members and capturing all the important moment related to Saidu Medical  Medical College.Swat