Department of Pathology

Professor Dr. Amreek Lal (HOD)

Department of Pathology started functioning in 2001, when the first batch of students was promoted to 3rd year MBBS. Initially students laboratory section was established and subsequently laboratory facilities were extended to the patients of Saidu Teaching Hospital as well. The Facilities presently available are for routine tests in Histopathology, Microbiology, Chemical Pathology and Hematology..

The Histopathology Museum is established and is being expanded to fulfill the teaching purpose of under graduates and young doctors. In 2020 a specialized microbiology and molecular labs were established at Saidu Teaching Hospital , Department of Pathology and the students are also doing their internship in these laboratories Our future objective is to bring the Pathology Department up to postgraduate standards..

Department of Pathology, Faculty members

S.No Name of Doctor Qualification Designation Faculty Reg. No.


Dr. Amreek Lal




2. Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad MBBS, M.Phil Professor 4951/7087-N/M
3. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad MBBS, M.Phil Associate Professor 9182/4210-N/M
4. Dr.Fazal Hanan MBBS, M.Phil Assistant Professor 14948/14340-N/M
5. Dr. Muhamamd Zubair MBBS, FCPS, CHPE, CHR Assitant Professor 11776/12305-N/M
6. Dr. Javeria Rauf Saeed MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor 38260/11704-N/M
7. Dr. Waseem MBBS, M.Phil Assistant Professor 4857/10256-N/M
8. Dr. Tabassum Imran MBBS, M.Phil Assistant Professor 14755/11903-N/M
9. Dr. Haroon Rashid MBBS, M.Phil Assistant Professor Applied for F.R
10. Dr. Nazir Ahmad MBBS Sr. Demonstrator 4972/10210-N/M
11. Dr. Saima Mumtaz MBBS Demonstrator 28967/163992-N/M
12. Dr. Majid Khan MBBS Demonstrator 35252/16303-N/M
13. Dr. Humera Gabeen MBBS Demonstrator 35093/23039-N/M
14. Dr. Muhammad Hanif MBBS Demonstrator 3453/20298-N/M
15.. Dr. Sania Bibi MBBS Demonstrator ...
16. Dr.Murad Ali MBBS Demonstrator --