Department of Community Medicine

Associate Professor
Dr. Naeemullah(HOD)

Community Medicine Department is striving hard to improve the skills and sense of understanding by imparting up to date knowledge through class teaching, tutorial, visits of various health outlets and industries.Department of Community Medicine includes faculty offices, a museum, a laboratory and demonstration room  with the following aims and objectives.


  • To Promote Health of the Community and Provide Healthy Environment to the Community as a whole.

  • To reduce morbidity and mortality in the whole population.

  • Explor greater potential for health improvement.


  • Training of the medical students in Epidimiological research studies, biostatics diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases   especially in epidemics.

  • Training of the medical students in testing (justification) of the claim of a drug producer or laboratory about the efficacy or superiority of a drug or a vaccine by various epidemiological studies.

  • Train medical students in helping the Health administration in making evidence based decisions by providing the data essential to planning, implementation and evaluation of services, for the prevention, control and treatment of diseases and to the setting up of priorities among those services.

  • Training of the medical students in prevention and reduction of industrial Hazards. Training of the medical students how to choose  a disease for an eradication program 



Department of Community Medicine, Faculty members

S.No Name of Doctor Qualification Designation Faculty Reg. No.
1. Dr. Naeemullah MBBS, MCPS(Peads),
M.Phil(Gold Med:), MPH(Pak) DP(Ireland)
Associate Professor 4942/12152-N/M
2. Dr. Muhammad Munib MD, MPH, EMBA (HRM) Assistant Professor 14042/13251-N/M
3. Dr. Muhammad Ishaq MBBS, MSPH Assistant Professor 19892/10056-N/M
4. Dr. Tamanna Bostan MBBS Demonstrator 24672/10423-N/M
5. Dr. Mahreen MBBS Demonstrator 19873/14784-N/M
6. Dr. Samina Parwaish MBBS Demonstrator 27885/12963-N/M
7. Dr. Shaheen Shah MBBS Demonstrator 31414/19591-N/M