Department of Anatomy

Professor Dr. Naik Zada (Head of Anatomy Department)

Anatomy which has the most rooted history, is the basis of medicine and a science that deals with normal shape and structure  of the human body. Department of anatomy, established in 1998 since the inception of Saidu medical college, is one of the largest basic sciences department. The department has three main divisions namely gross anatomy, embryology

and histology. The department has rich faculty with professor, associate and assistant professors, demonstrators and other ancillary staff. It is well equipped with all up to date teaching aids including multimedia projectors, epidiascope cum slide projector, teaching microscopes, film projectors and over head projectors.

The department has dissection hall, museum for anatomic models, demonstration rooms and well equipped histology laboratories. The museum is equipped with Torso models, articulated skeletons, histology and embryology models, illustrated charts and a wide range of disarticulated bones. The histology labs have a number of microscopes, microscope with teaching head connected with LED screen , wide range of histology slides, equipments for micro techniques like tissue processor,microtome,tissue bath, tissue oven for preparation of histological teaching slides to cater for the educational needs of undergraduate students. The department offers a modern integrated teaching system for students. The teaching methodology includes large group interactive sessions, Small group discussions, demonstrations and practicals.

In near future the department will be having virtual dissection table which will glorify the department.
Our vision for future is to start post graduate MPhil programme for which we are striving.

Department of Anatomy, Faculty members

S.No Name of Doctor Qualification Designation Faculty Reg. No.


Dr.Naik Zada

MBBS,MCPS(Sur:) FCPS(Sur:), M.Phil



2. Dr. Asadullah MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, M.Phil Associate Professor 4958/4481-N/M
3. Dr. Adnan Badar MBBS,MRCS, M.Phil Assistant Professor 5552/11917-N/M
4. Dr. Shaheen Mohmand MBBS Pr. Demonstrator 4954/5378-N/M
5. Dr. Muhammad Amin MBBS Sr. Demonstrator 14754/8557-N/M
6. Dr. Sultan Mahmood MD Sr. Demonstrator 19871/8190-N/M
7. Dr. Musa Khan MBBS Sr. Demonstrator 25166/9820-N/M
8. Dr. Inayatullah MBBS Demonstrator 32914/14445-N
9. Dr. Imran Ashraf MBBS Demonstrator 31066/21648-N/M
10. Dr. Zahir Shah MD Demonstrator 36812/13530-N/M
11. Dr. Faiza Maab MBBS Demonstrator 32882/20452-N/M