SMC Literary Society

Syed Muhammad Naeem,
Chairman Literary Society

I feel honoured to have the responsibility of chairing such a creative forum of the youngsters. Through this forum students' literary schema is promoted by mutual interaction of fellows from diversed sociocultural background.  This plateform provides an ample opportunity to the youngsters to learn from each other by being guided by the senior faculty staff editors and section editors. 
Literary society organizes   different literary activities like sports, debates, stage activities and trips etc. Through this forum  students experience learning  by conectivism and constructivism. 
The College publishes an annual students magazine through Literary Society of SMC.
The Society is enriched with the experience of senior faculty as staff editors and section editors as well as continuously feuled  by the energies of the young students, as students editors and two deputy literary secreteries (DLS), with the apex of a literary secretay (L.S).
The annual students' magazine SUVASTU is published to highlight cocurricullar activities of SMCites. 
(S.M.Naeem) Chairman Literary Society SMC).