Department of Medical Education

To develop an integrated medical Education System which can produce health Professionals who practice ethically and sceintifically to meet the challenges of the day and are committed to excellence, humanity, socail responsibility and meical reseach.


  1. To implement the internal medical system in ists full spirit.
  2. To improve teaching and Research for medical and research skills of undergraduate/Pos graduate students
  3. To conduct regular academic activities for the students and teaching staff.
  4. To enhance knowledge skills and ethics of the health related professionals.
  5. To develop Medical Education Department and develop laison between Medical Education and other academics institutes.

College Curriculum Committee of Saidu Medical College Swat 

Prof. Dr. Israr ul Haq


Dr. Imran Khan

Deputy Director

Dr. Muhammad Amin


Dr. Amjad Ali Khan


Dr. Anwar Ali