Department of Surgery

Professor Dr. Samiullah(HOD)

The Department of Surgery and Allied, Saidu Group of Teaching Hospitals, Swat is a team of professionals equipped with diversity in skills, evidence-based practice, research & professional attitudes working under the kind supervision of Prof. Dr. Samiullah. The department is providing quality services to patients requiring general surgery as well as  neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery and orthopedic surgical care. We are dealing with a large number of surgical patients in both emergency and elective settings.The General Surgery department consists of two surgical units (Surgical units A & B) with more than 100 beds in-patient capacity backed up by two High Dependency Units (HDUs) and an Intensive Care Unit (ICU),  state of the art Accident and Emergency unit and operation theaters. The operation theaters are equipped with conventional and advanced surgical technology and tools like laparoscopes, harmonic scalpels, ligasure etc. The services provided include both minor and major surgical procedures for simple, complex and high risk cases, advanced laparoscopic procedures, oncological and trauma surgeries.
The department is recognized by College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan since 2012 for postgraduate training. It is serving the community by producing well-trained competent professionals in the field of surgery. The department is conducting academic and research-oriented activities on a regular basis in a collaborative learning environment. Daily teaching rounds, weekly grand rounds, case presentations, morbidity/mortality meetings & journal clubs by postgraduate trainees and interns, and monthly mock tests are a common practice to enhance the competency of the team members and improve the quality of patient care. A library with diverse learning resources and a conference hall with multimedia and digital facilities for teaching and learning of our doctors and paramedical staff is functional within the department round the clock. We are committed to excellence in healthcare through continued professional development and making patient safety a priority of our team.


Department of Surgery, Faculty members

S.No Name of Doctor Qualification Designation Faculty Reg. No.


Dr.Sami Ullah

MBBS, FCPS(Surgery)



2. Dr.Anwar-Ul-Haq MBBS, FCPS(Surgery) Professor 8637-N
3. Dr. Saifurrahman MBBS, FCPS Associate Professor 9498/3150-N/M
4. Dr. Fazali Akar MBBS, FCPS Associate Professor ...
5. Dr. Muhammad Nadeem MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor 15487/11126-N/M
6. Dr. Mohsin Ali MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor 18164/11790-N/M
7. Dr. Fazal Akbar MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor 18786/10446-N/M
8. Dr. Shahid Alam MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor 15522/9295-N/M
9. Dr. Muhammad Hussain MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor 26289/22361-N/M
10. Dr. Anwar Syed MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor 15528/12991-N/M
11. Dr. Zia ur Rehman MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor ...
12. Dr. Saddar Rahim MBBS, FCPS(Paeds Surg:) Assistant Professor 26808/10261
13. Dr. Muhammad Azam MBBS,FCPS(Neuro Surg:) Assistant Professor 19403/13184-N/M
14. Dr. Alam Zeb Khan MBBS, FCPS(Plastic Surg:) Senior Registrar 25152/11462-N/M
15. Dr. Inayatullah MBBS, FCPS Senior Registrar 26284/16613-N/M
16. Dr. Nasir Ali MBBS, FCPS Senior Registrar 21626/15509-N/M
17. Dr. Amir Amanullah MBBS, FCPS Senior Registrar  
18. Dr. Niaz Ali MBBS, FCPS Senior Registrar  
19. Dr. Nasir Iqbal MBBS, FCPS Senior Registrar  
20. Dr. Shah Abbas MBBS, FCPS Senior Registrar  
21. Dr. Shams ud Din MBBS, FCPS(Neuro Surg:) Senior Registrar  
22. Dr. Zain ul Abideen MBBS, FCPS(Neuro Surg:) Senrior Registrar 3045/11051-N/M
23. Dr. Osama Ahmad Khan MBBS, FCPS(Neuro Surg:) Senior Registrar