Department of Orthopedics

Professor Dr. Dilawar Khan 
Head of Orthopedic Department

The Department of Orthopedic & Trauma Saidu teaching hospital is one of the busiest orthopedic unit of the province. The teaching unit is working since 1999 after the establishment of Saidu Medical College Swat.

The department is staffed by highly qualified & well trained Orthopedic and trauma surgeons chaired by Prof. Dr. Dilawar khan since 2010. The department is providing 24/7 emergency services to the Orthopedic and trauma patients not only in district swat but it is also a tertiary referral unit from neighbouring districts like Bunir ,Shangla, Kohistan, Bajwar, Chitral, Dir, and Malakand . A Part from emergency services other clinical facilities provided by the department includes daily OPD & Elective Surgeries.

The department also provide education facilities for training of under graduate medical students from Saidu medical college and recently started post- graduate training in trauma and Orthopedic under the umbrella of college of physicians and Surgeons.

We provide special care in simple and complex orthopedic trauma, Peadiatrics orthopedics, sports injures & Arthroscopy , Arthroplasty, hand surgeries & orthopedic oncology

Department of Orthopedic, Faculty members

S.No Name of Doctor Qualification Designation Faculty Reg. No.
1. Dr. Dilawar Khan MBBS, MCPS, FCPS Professor   4970/8760-N/M
2.. Dr. Bahadar ali Khan MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor  20984/13449-N/M
3. Dr. Sajid Akhtar MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor 30295/14608-N/M 
4. Dr. Muhammad Riaz  MBBS, MS, DA District Ortho Surgeon  --
5. Dr. Ashghar Khan  MBBS, FCPS, Orthopedic Surgeon --
6. Dr. Sajjad Ahmad MBBS, FCPS Senior Registrar 107179/18377-N/M 
7. Dr. Fazal Subhan MBBS, FCPS Senior Registrar 106943/13777-N/M
8. Dr. Noor Muhammad Khan  MBBS Junior Registrar --