Extracurricular Activities

Student life, as an integral part of the Saidu Medical College and dedicated to its covenant, nurturing the whole person, seeks to foster team relationships among faculty, staff and students and the greater global community. Believing that learning and education takes place both in and out of the class room, we offer services which develop leadership, build community, encourage service to others and create an awareness.

We are dedicated to empowering our students to utilize all available resources as they develop int well-rounded individuals.
SMC has a separate Section managing students' activities.

Involvement in Social, Culture, Intellectual, Governance, Leadership and volunteer programmes for our students. The activities entertained fall in the following categories.

  • IT & Computers.
  • Photography.
  • Social Services.
  • Students Welfare.
  • Patients Welfare
  • Fund Raising.
  • Awareness Campaign.
  • Theater & Stage performance.
  • Poetry.
  • Sports.
  • Fun Fair
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