Department of Paeds Surgery

Paediatric Surgery Department SGTH,is a newly established 20 bedded ward,inaugurated on July 12 2019.This unit started working with full zeal to achieve the objectives of paediatric Surgery in this area.With the establishment of this unit a new era started for the paediatric surgical patients care here at swat. Our unit was accredited by College of physicians and surgeons Pakistan for Post Graduate Training.Now three post graduate trainees are working here and hopefully this number will increase in the near future.Now at this stage One Registrar and three qualified medical officers are working under the umbrella of paediatric Surgery unit.Our goal is to provide the best possible care to the paediatric surgical patients in this area and attempting to overcome the deficiencies,for which our team is struggling day and night. It’s an honour for saidu medical college and paediatric Surgery SGTH that recently our unit is selected to host an upcoming international paediatric Surgery conference at Saidu Medical College which is going to be held in June this year inshaAllah.At the end I pray that this paediatric surgery department may live to see the light of the day,may this unit emerge and shine like a sun to enlighten the whole world.