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Acknowledging the fact that assessment drives learning, it was inevitable that Saidu Medical college establish a dedicated examination cell which could carry out all assessment activities of the institution including internal modular exams, block exams as well as final OSPE/ OSCE exams.

Examination cell at Saidu medical college was established in 2021 as a result of decision of the Academic Council to be headed by controller of examination.The Examination Cell oversees all matters relevant to examinations, including timing, content, results and evaluation of exams.


The major Objectives of the Examination Cell are to:

  1. Enhance the Reputation of Saidu Medical College.
  2. To evaluate the students’ performance by the conduction of internal examinations in liaison with all department.
  3. Set principles, guidelines and make necessary arrangements for materializing the assessment policy of SMC.
  4. Ensure that University rules and regulations relevant to examination are followed as prescribed by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
  5. Review psychometric evaluations and report results to individual disciplines and advise wherever suitable.
  6. Ensure alignment of proposed examinations with the objectives/ outcomes/competencies required by discipline.
  7. Train members of examination cell and faculty in general in assessment tools and strategies.

    Examination specific Assignments:


  1. The Examination cell looks after the following assignments
  2. Coordination with module directors for setting exam dates.
  3. Setting of question papers for examinations.
  4. Arranging for checking and marking of answer sheets of Theory, Ospe and OSCE or If any other assessment tool is employed
  5. Managing of unfair means cases and constitution of unfair means committee for examinations when needed.
  6. Maintenance of record of unfair means and appeals matters.
  7. Maintenance of record of syllabi, old questions papers and question bank etc.
  1. Arrangements for sending syllabus to faculty members for designing mcqs and questions for osce and ospe.
  2. Preparation of results and arranging for re-checking when required.
  3. Maintaining expenditure records of all examination cell activities including faculty refreshments while involving them in exam related tasks, workshops and training sessions.
  4. Regular maintenance of all equipment used by examination cell including but not limited to computers, photocopiers, scanners and software.


The Examination Cell shall have the following Structure and job descriptions:

  1. Controller of Examination: would supervise all assessment activities carried out within the institution
  2. Assistant controller: for Theory and OSCE/ OSPE portion of all 1st  and 2nd year MBBS exams
  3. Assistant controller: for Theory and OSCE/ OSPE portion of all 3rd and 4th year MBBS exams
  4. Assistant controller: for Theory and OSCE/ OSPE portion of all Final year MBBS exams.
  5. Incharge Logistics and Refreshments: for all Theory and OSCE/ OSPE exams
  6. Supporting Staff including computer operators, office attendants and incharge secrecy and publishing unit.
  7. Members from within basic and clinical teaching faculty from each department, nominated by respective Heads of Departments for MCQs collection, OSPE/OSCE preparation and other exam related activities

Key Competencies and Characteristics

It is essential that all members of the Examination Cell possess knowledge of examinations, assessment practice, and principles of evaluation.


The Examination Cell shall arrange regular face to face meetings before and after

  1. Every block exam and Annual University exams
  2. Regular electronic communication or face to face meeting before every modular exam

There shall be a Mandatory Yearly meeting for reflecting on the targets achieved, deficiencies, remedies, and future planning.