Faculty Members of Clinical Departments of
Saidu Medical College, Saidu Sharif, Swat
S.No Name of Doctor Qualification Reg. No Department
1. Dr. Manzoor Ali MBBS, FRCS 4988/2103-N Surgical
2. Dr. Sami Ullah MBBS, FCPS(Surgery) 4969/7075-N Surgical
3. Dr. Muhammad Ali Jan MBBS, MCPS, FCPS 4981/4998-N Paediatrics
4. Dr. Gul Shan Hussain MBBS, MCPS, FCPS 4984/4430-N ENT
5. Dr. Mahid Iqbal MBBS, FCPS(ENT) 4924/6206-N ENT
6. Dr. Haroon Rashid MBBS, FCPS(Ophth:) 4979/2257-N Ophthalmology
7. Dr. Surraya Halimi MBBS, FCPS(Gynae) 4936/5125-N Gynaecology/Obs
8.. Dr. Sania Tanveer Khattak MBBS, DGO, FCPS(Gynae) 9497/5467-N Gynaecology/Obs
S.No Name of Doctor Qualification Reg. No Department
1. Dr. Arshad Iqbal MBBS, MCPS, FCPS(Opht) 4939/7026-N Ophtalmology
2. Dr. Ihsan ul Haq MBBS, MCPS, FCPS 4937/5963-N Paeds
3. Dr. Dilawar Khan MBBS, MCPS, FCPS(Ortho) 4970/8760-N Orthopedics
4. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal MBBS, FCPS(ENT) 4940-N ENT
5. Dr. Bacha Amin MBBS, FCPS(Medicine) 4926/5517-N Medical
6. Dr. Wasil Khan MBBS, FCPS, MCPS Medicine 9493/7540-N Medical
7. Dr. Bakht Rokhan MBBS, DMRD 4940/6599-N Surgical
8. Dr. Ajmal Khan MBBS, FCPS(Surgery) 4968/7068-N Surgical
9. Dr. Saif ur Raham MBBS, FCPS(Surgery) 9498/3150-N Surgical
10. Dr. Ismail MBBS, FCPS, MS 4967/3075-N Surgical
11. Dr. Muhammad Ismail MBBS, FCPS 9485/3074-N Surgical
S.No Name of Doctor Qualification Reg. No Department
1. Dr. Abdul Ahad MBBS, FCPS(Medicine) 4934/5888-N Medical
2. Dr. Amin ullah MBBS, FCPS(Medicine) 9494/6705-N Medical
3. Dr. Hafiz ur Rahman MBBS, FCPS(Cardiology,Medi) 9489/9245-N Cardiology
4. Dr. Fazal Akbar MBBS, FCPS (Gastro) 4925/3342-N Gastroentrology
5. Dr. Ihsan ullah MD, DLO, FCPS(ENT) 4878/5216-N ENT
6. Dr. Nizam ud Din MBBS, MS(Urology) 9490/9443-N Urology
7. Dr. Aftab Alam MD, DA(Diploma in Anaesthesia) 4935/5192-N Anaesthesia
8. Dr. Muhammad Shoib MD, DA(Diploma in Anaesthesia) 9488/5355-N Anaesthesia
9. Dr. Muhammad Tariq BDS, FCPS 3163-N Dentistry
10. Dr. Mian Nizam Ali MBBS, MCPS 9955-N Psychiatry
11. Dr. Momin Khan MBBS, FCPS(Medicine) 9492/9024-N Medical
12. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad MBBS, FCPS(Paeds) 9487/11080-N


13. Dr. Muhammad Parveez MBBS, FCPS(Surgery) 3749/10212-N Surgical
14. Dr. Anawar ul Haq MBBS, FCPS(Surgery) 9499/8637-N Surgical
15. Dr. Parveen Naveed MBBS, FCPS(Gynae) 14550/10726-N Gynae/Obs
16. Dr. Sadia Begum MBBS, DMRD 8358-N Radiology
17. Dr. Muhmmad Anwar MBBS, FCPS(Ophth) 9486/9150-N Ophthalmology
18. Dr. Muhammad Riaz MBBS, DA, MS(Ortho) 15418/8580-N Orthopedic
19. Dr. Sharafat Ali Khan MBBS, FCPS (ENT)   ENT
S.No Name of Doctors Qualification Reg. No Department
1. Dr. Abdul Hadi MBBS, FCPS 18101/11718-N Cardiology
2. Dr. Gohar Ali MBBS, MCPS 10393-N Psychiatry
3. Dr. Muhammad Fayaz MBBS, FCPS(Gastro) 18124/9872-N Gastroenterology
4. Dr. Muhammad Nadeem MBBS, FCPS 15487/11126-N Surgical
5. Dr. Fazal Akbar MBBS, FCPS (Surgery) 18786/10446-N Surgical
6. Dr. Shabab Hussain MBBS, FCPS (Surgery) 13475-N Surgical
7. Dr. Mohsin Ali MBBS, FCPS(Surgery) 18164/11790-N Surgical
8. Dr. Shahid Alam MBBS, FCPS(Surgery) 15522/9295-N Surgical
9. Dr. Muhammad Azam MBBS, FCPS(Surgery) 13184-N Surgical
10. Dr. Muhammad Asghar MBBS, FCPS(Ortho) 12081-N Orthopedics
11. Dr. Tabbasum Ikram MBBS, FCPS 12401-N Gynae/Obs
12 Dr. Saima Perveen MBBS, FCPS(Gynae) 18125/11870-N Gynae/Obs
13. Dr. Farhadia Sadaf MBBS, FCPS(Gynae) ----- Gynae/Obs
14. Dr. Muhammad Uzair MBBS, FPCP Urology (SMO)   Urology